O'Brien & Partners Team

    Statement of Commitment to the Training and Development of the Team.

At O’Brien & Partners we aim to continuously develop and train our team.

Training and development will enhance skills, each individual team member’s enjoyment and understanding of their role, their contribution, effectiveness and commitment, all ultimately contributing to the provision of the highest possible service to our clients.
Dedicated to equal opportunities, the firm works toward the personal and professional progression of each team member.
Training and development needs are constantly assessed, and appropriate resources brought into play to satisfy the training need in the most effective manner.
We believe that improved knowledge leads to increased responsibilities, a stimulating work life, leading to greater team retention, helping us to achieve higher skill levels within our team.



We welcome CV’s from individuals (not recruitment agencies) who will fit into our culture.

An understanding of the importance of excellent client service is essential.  Commitment, the ability to provide fresh, focused solutions along with excellent communication skills are all highly desirable traits that are sought when we recruit.
Our Equal Opportunities Policy is adhered to and we will not discriminate against someone by gender, age, race or disability, or in any other way.
Please send CV’s to: enquiries@obrienandpartners.co.uk