Payroll Services

This can be a quagmire, time consuming, onerous and worst of all, ongoing – compliance, legislation, tax credits, SSP, SMP, keeping up to date..............
  We can help to make this straight forward for you by removing the burden, and providing you with a payroll at a frequency to suit your business needs.
  Our payroll experts will provide:
  • Clearly printed payslips.
  • SSP and SMP calculations.
  • Completion of monthly PAYE statistics.
  • Completion of forms P45.
  • End of year completion of P35, P14 and P60's.
  This can all be done at a fixed cost. 
  The full solution:
  We can advise on tax and national insurance costs of providing benefits to Directors and relevant employees
  (e.g. cars and fuel etc).
  We can also support you and deal with PAYE/NIC inspection visits from the HMR&C.

Payroll , Cardiff, Abergavenny, Wales